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Capitol of Texas Motors in Austin, TX - Reviews

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April T. Austin, TX

April T. Austin, TX
The guys at Capitol of Texas Motors thanked me for my service, but I really need to thank them for theirs.

When I met Alberto and Sebastian, I was really drained from shopping for a SUV here in Austin. I was expectingdisappointment. The prices in this area for a four-wheel-drive vehicle are always way above Kelley Blue Book and NADA retail value. That is until I found Capitol of Texas Motors. The guys at Capitol of Texas Motors reallyknow a good deal and worked hard to secure my business. I never felt so connected with a group of car salesmen in my life, but these guys are really special. They were totally honest and upfront with me and did their best to work within my budget. I'm sure they took a loss on the deal, just to get me into one of their cars. And their cars are solid!

They also recognized me as a veteran and made sure to let me know how much my service to the nation meant to them.They are probably the only dealership on the planet that provides more added incentives to veterans. They even deliver the cars themselves to your front door. I have never felt as appreciated as a vet as these guys made me feel. How often do car salesmen ask how they can help more veterans like myself? I was beyond impressed with the service and enthusiasm these guys have for taking care of customers and I'll continue to recommend them to all of my friends and family.

Again, these guys are not your typical used car dealers. I would have given up driving completely and just relied solely on public transportation, but I need a car in order to commute to San Antonio for my battle assemblies, also known as drill. The guys at Capitol of Texas Motors quickly breathed new life into my love of driving and resuscitated my passion for safe and independent travel. The guys were more interested in what I wanted, than what I could afford. Because of that ideal first, I found a very well-priced vehicle that no other dealerships were able to offer for my price range.

I'm very grateful to the sales team at Capitol of Texas Motors and I would hope that everyone could give them a chance too.

Much appreciative,

~Sergeant A. R. Tessmer

Tamir L. Austin, TX

Tamir L. Austin, TX
This was hands down the best vehicle buying experience you will ever have. I just purchased a 2011 Ford Expedition (King Ranch) for my wife. Sebastian and Jesus helped beyond my expectations with sales, financing service, and overall customer service.
I received an extremely fair deal.
100% recommend Capitol of Texas Motors!!